Burrito Brothers!

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This place has been wildly popular since it opened a few weeks ago in downtown Brantford. I drove all the way to 38 Dalhousie because I cannot turn down a burrito. Downtown Toronto, you can get a good burrito at almost any corner, but they’ve been sparse since I moved further out west to Hamilton. I was ready for my fix. This place isn’t a chain, which is awesome, and every single ingredient is made fresh at the store, especially their amazing sauces.

This is is huge and thick and amazing. I, of course, piled on as many toppings and sauces as possible. This wrap is filled with so much yumminess and definitely fills you up. And, they do the thing that separates a great burrito from a wrap stuffed with edible things, they grill the outside of the burrito. That is the one thing that will determine if I like a burrito or not. The grill slightly crisps the outside and makes sure the whole thing doesn’t it fall apart. It is a necessity!!

They have so many fillings to choose from. Pork, pulled beef, chicken, and sweet potato. Wait, what? Sweet potato? YES, SWEET POTATO. And the sweet potato is SO good. I am a bonafide meat eater, and even I would get a sweet potato burrito. It’s hearty, the flavour is not too sweet, and has just the right amount of spice. The sweet potato is a must try. They also have a bunch of different salsas to choose from: pico de gallo, roasted tomato homestyle salsa, coleslaw, corn and bean. They even make their own queso fresca.

They make their own cheese.

I had to highlight that because that fact in itself is amazing. I didn’t get a chance to take a photo of their sauces but they have crazy things like lime sour cream, special “burrito sauce,” and a range of hot sauces, one of them is actually CRAZY hot, and I am good at eating spicy food.

They also do tacos. They also do fish tacos. This one I made for myself, topping it with the things that I wanted (aka everything). The fish is soft, but the batter is right crispy. They make the fish to order so it is never soggy!

These are the fish tacos proper, which is topped with all the things that they recommend on a fish taco. These ones have coleslaw, onions, cilantro, lime sour cream, and queso fresca. One of them has the suicide hot sauce. Bullets were sweat that day.

They also do bomb nachos! Topped with meat and any other topping you could put on the burritos and tacos. The best part, after they put the cheese on it, they bake it in the oven to get all that wonderful melty cheese.

Melty cheese makes the world go round.

It’s statements like these that make me think I should write a book. I could be the new Deepak Chopra. “Look inside yourself, for you cannot change the world without faith in you. Inside of you, before anything, you should find the melty cheese, and with this power, the world is yours.” I’m a damn natural.

I didn’t get a chance to try their new burrito because it just came out today and only available for the month of October, but it’s a turkey burrito, with cranberry sauce and other things. I really need to go back this month to try it out because it looks so good. For all those who don’t want to cook, you can just bring your family into Burrito Brothers, and they can be your family too. HA.

I filmed my last visit to BB, and it’s part of my new vlog series on youtube! Unfortunately, my channel isn’t under the username Judskii but I’m looking for a way to right that wrong! My BB visit starts at 7:44.

Good night, and sweet burritos to all!

Porchetta & Co

Oh sweet, succulent porchetta. This place is just beyond amazing. Porchetta is a fatty boneless pork roast that is seasoned with many different herbs  and then cooked in a way that the outside is crispy, light and the inside is melt in your mouth tender. So good that even Anthony Bourdain came in for a bite.

The ciabatta bun is stuffed with 4 oz of porchetta, crackling, and topped with (Kozliks) mustard and frank’s hot sauce. This time I chose to get some bitter rapini on top because I love rapini. When people come to Toronto, they’re always talking about that damn peameal bacon, the prized sandwich of Hogtown. But let me tell you, this porchetta sandwich is SO much better than peameal bacon, and let’s just say, I have too much experience with peameal.

Let’s get back to the porchetta sandwich. The bun is soft and fragrant. The meat is soft, but the crackling gives that satisfying crunch. Boyfriend of course got his piled high with mushrooms and added a bunch of extra mustard on top. Biting into this monster is one of the most satisfying things. I can only wish to have this sandwich every day. :)

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Some pictures and captions and talking too

1. Mado’s Pepper Sauce

Found this bottle of hot sauce on sale in one of the antique shops that Claire, Adrienne, and I visited in Parkdale, on Roncevalles. When the woman at the counter let me open one and smell it, I had to have it.It had strong pepper scent, and me, I love my pepper, with what seemed to be a bit of mustard, some dill, maybe some horse radish, and a hint of citrus.I don’t think any of those are actually in the ingredients though, but it seems to emulate all those flavours in one simple sniff. I’ll have to check the ingredients label when I get home.

Anyway, one of my bad habits is my tendency to buy things on a whim. So I bought it. Boy was I not disappointed. We went to a pub to grab a bite to eat after an afternoon of antique shopping and I opened up the pepper sauce to taste with my chicken.

It was like heaven exploding in my mouth.

It has this intense flavour and the spiciness is like a subtle kick in the taste buds. It’s like  a tiger creeping up in the tall jungle grass. Slowly… slowly… BAM. THERE IT IS. AND IT IS MAJESTIC. We had a barbecue a couple of days later and I mixed it up with some mayonnaise and slathered in on my burger with some relish. One of the best burgers I have ever had. The sauce makes it and it is beautiful.

2. Wonder Girls’ Wonder Coincidence

Ahh, the Wonder Girls. Kpop sensation full of little cute fucking asian girls.

I got dropped off in downtown Hamilton to hang out with some cousins at the local bubble tea house and the instant I walked in, they were talking about how I was the second coincidence of one sort or another. Not five minutes later, one of my uncle’s friends, whom I had only met a couple of days earlier, walked in and we had an awkward exchange of greetings.

Moving on, my cousins and I sit, talk, make fun of each other, you know the things we do best. Then a couple of people that David vaguely knew walked in and sat behind our table, but kept to their own. Ding ding, my phone announces a message from Adri.

“Hahaha I just read that the Wondergirls are in Mississauga RIGHT NOW for a concert.”

Note: I just moved from Montreal to Mississauga. So I read this message out loud because I know a couple of my cousins are into the whole kpop scene. Then, David’s acquaintances turned around and said, “Are you talking about the Wonder Girls??? We just came from their concert!!!”

This was funny because I associate kpop with girls and girly boys. So we all got excited and I got a picture of their pass, and a picture of their picture with the girls. A night of coincidence.