What we did in Maui

We went to Maui to attend a wedding that was being held in Olowalu (west side), so we stayed in Lahaina for most of our vacation (also west side, where the resorts were). We stayed at the Royal Lahaina resort, which was BEAUTIFUL. I believe we booked through Costco travel, which was the cheapest and included a car rental.


This was our fucking view every day from our balcony. On the right is the ocean. AMAZING. BEAUTIFUL. UNREAL.


Number 1 recommendation: The acai bowl from BAYA BOWL in Lahaina.

The berry smoothie base, the insanely sweet fresh fruit, the crunch of the coconut and granola. UGH. So good we basically went back three times in one week.


I couldn’t really find a poke place that everyone recommended as a MUST GO. But lots of people said go to Foodland near our resort, and we did. It was great. SO much selection. Tastes like the sea! Ervin went nuts. We actually bought a lot of snacks, food, and beer at Foodland because food is expensive at restaurants.


Saw a cool giant banyan tree in downtown Lahaina. The in-laws took some submarine tour that we didn’t want to go on, so we wandered around Lahaina. Cool little walkable town.


We went to the Old Lahaina Luau. There were two to choose from in our area, but this one was supposed to be better. Make reservations. Bottomless drinks and traditional Hawaiian buffet with a great show! Lots of history, dancing, and right on the water. The food was good, the drinks were great, and the show was mesmerizing!


Here’s us being tourists!

The couple invited the whole family out to Kimo’s (Lahaina). The view from the patio was spectacular. Right on the water. Food was good iirc, but nothing reaaally stood out. I just remember it being good. We didn’t pay so I don’t know what the pricing is like.


Had shaved ice because apparently that’s the thing to do in Hawaii. It’s like Taiwanese shave ice except instead of being creamy, it’s more like sweet syrup fruity. I guess kind of like a sno-cone… but better? Pretty good but nothing crazy.


Cute shop pie shop. Pies were good. Nothing crazy, but good pie. We went here before leaving for the airport.


The only hike we did: The Waikhee Ridge Trail. Ervin only made it up about a half hour haha. But if you get to the top of the ridge, you get basically a 360 view of the island. SO BEAUTIFUL. Peaceful. We went really early, probably like 6 or 7 in the morning. No one was around. Not too hot. It was great!!!


We took a whole day to drive out to Hana – the eastern tip of the island. Usually people recommend staying the night in Hana before heading back because you definitely DO NOT want to be driving those roads at night. It’s very dark (no lights), and VERY windy (like switchback curves, not air flow haha). So our plan to do it in one day was to leave early and not stop at every stop on the way to Hana.


First stop was Ho’okipa Lookout. This is a world-famous windsurfing beach. Very cool to watch dozens of windsurfers flow in and out. Calming to watch from afar but focussing on each surfer gave an adrenaline rush.


We doubled back about 10 minutes for our reservations at Mama’s Fish House. It is the most famous/popular/best restaurant on Maui. The view is AMAZING. Romantic. Quintessential Hawaii. Lots of famous people go here. The food was GREAT – local, fresh, seasonal.


Fat, fresh oysters with a passionfruit mignonette. THE BEST OYSTERS I’VE EVER HAD. Period. Pointe finale.


However, super super expensive. We probably tipped about $40, so $220 for 2 apps and 2 mains,  very much on the pricey side, but very good. I think I’d be happy with it if we paid $200 CAD but in USD, it tipped it over to the too pricey to come again. Maybe for like a 25-year or 50-year anniversary.


Twin Falls – there’s a cute fruit stand and it’s a short hike (5-15 minutes) to the Falls. It’s cute, picturesque, people having fun and swimming. Not the most beautiful waterfall I’ve seen, but it’s cool to see a tropical waterfall compared to the ones we have in Hamilton (Waterfall Capital of the World, what-whaat). You also get to see lots of small waterfalls trickling along the road as you drive to Hana.

So a small note about the drive itself. Lots of switchbacks – beautiful, fun, lush, green! Coastal views at parts. There are some blind curves, and some parts where you have to yield to opposite traffic because the road only fits one car. Fun drive, but definitely advanced driving.


Halfway to Hana landmark! Little shack. Sells banana bread. Bought banana bread for photo. Banana bread is basic and regular. Good, but not unlike any other banana bread you’ve ever had.20171003_153328.jpg

Next stop: Waianapanapa Black Sand Beach state park. Very cool! Checked this off my bucket list. We probably spent almost an hour here. At this point we’re pretty tired, and got talking to people who got to Hana. It was only ten minutes away, but they said it was just a small town with not much to see.

In our research, people are often saying it’s about the journey – the things you see on the way to Hana – not the destination that is important. So we decided at this point to turn around instead of driving all the way around. Maybe if you stayed the night in Hana, you could do a hike on the east end of the island.

So on our way back, we stopped at Da Kitchen in Kahului, which I think we saw on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. The portions were HUGE. And the prices were the most reasonable that we’d seen all trip (aside from Foodland). Like seriously gigantic portions. I ate to my heart’s content and didn’t even make a dent. Anyway, pictured above is a Loco Moco – a Hawaiian specialty. We probably ate like 4 of these on our trip. Fried rice with a hamburger patty, fried egg, and gravy. So so so so good and such a comfort food. We also had the deep friend spam musubi here. Very good. Very satisfied with our meal here.

I definitely recommend this place.


So we went out for a family trip out to Kihei. We went to what is touted as the best sushi in Maui -. The food was AMAZING. I don’t think we had a single bad dish.

But you know what was even better? We happened to go on a half price event. BY ACCIDENT. Here’s our bill:


This was the bill for 5 people for very high end sushi. SO GOOD.

So we went on a Sunday (but I believe the deal is for Mondays too). The restaurant opens at 5pm. From 5pm-6pm, it’s 50% off. Line up before 4:30 AT LEAST to make sure you get a table before happy hour is over. It’s an AMAZING deal.

We didn’t get to go to all the places we wanted to go:

  • Geste Shrimp Truck – Everyone says you HAVE to get garlic shrimp from a truck, and this one came highly recommended. Unfortunately for us, we tried to go 3 times but it was closed all three times. Just bad luck for us because we just weren’t in the area at the right times.
  • Aloha Mixed Plate – also was closed the day we were available to go
  • JAWZ Taco Lunch Truck – Also just didn’t make it out there

Anyways, I think that’s it for our trip. Hope yours is just as amazing! We didn’t do much because of the wedding, but also because we wanted to try out a vacation where it wasn’t all GO! GO! GO!

Enjoy some of these other pics as a send-off. Maui was beautiful, relaxing, and fulfilling.


Apparently some sea turtles down here.


Sunset at the wedding.20171002_075451.jpg

Taking a pic of your husband VS


Your husband taking a pic of you…


Views for days.


Look how young and relaxed we are.



You are probably here because you asked for recommendation of things I did on my trip out east, so without further ado.


Our route – the odometer read approx. 5800km over 11 days

We started off in Hamilton and drove to Montreal to pick up a friend (5.5hr) and stopped for a quick lunch at a Québecois classic.


La Belle Province

A chain restaurant that serves up the poutine I think about when I think about poutine. The submarine (buncha meats and veggies and french dressing) is what I used to get after school and is either delicious or nostalgic or both.

After lunch, we began our drive towards Métis-sur-mer for our friend’s wedding (6.5hr).


Spectacular sunsets on Metis beach

We stayed in cabins at Domaine Annie, which was recommended by our friends who were getting married. The chalets had an amazing view of the St. Lawrence river and was just a few steps from the rocky beach.

We ate at Le Matelot, a well-loved seafood restaurant – it was okay (3.5/5), good seafood but nothing mindblowing. We also ate at a casse croute called “Place Petit Miami” at the intersection of Rue Beach and Route 132. Just a regular snack-bar, but coming from Toronto, a $3 cheeseburger is an anomaly and I wouldn’t have even been mad if they had brought out a plate of dirt. I had my first lobster roll here ($12 with fries).

Next, we drove out to Forillon National Park (4hr) to hike Cap Bon Ami, the tip of Quebec’s “tongue”.


Entrance fee was $7.50pp. Hike was moderate but we were lucky to have cooler weather (15 degrees) so we weren’t burning on the way up. We hiked up to a observation tower that gave you 360 degree views of Gaspesian coast.

After our hike, we drove to Percé to spend the night (45 minutes).


The Percé Rock

Apparently this rock is super famous, but I had never heard of it. Look at how the sun hits the rock at sunset. This magical moment lasted barely a half hour.


Bonaventure Island

Because the sun sets in the west, the rays spray across the sky turning it a cotton candy colour which is then reflected in the water. Sitting along the pebble beach with ice cream cones in 9 degree weather was serene, beautiful, and an almost mystical experience.

I heard that tourists to Percé take day trips out to Bonaventure island.


Dinner at Comptoir Monsieur Emile. It was fancy (a bit pricey) and they use all local and seasonal ingredients. We were dressed in hiking gear but as I’ve learned from my asian family, my money is as good as anyone else’s. The food was A+, the view is A++.


Our airbnb was the HIGHLIGHT of our trip. The hosts of the bed and breakfast also sled huskies in the winter so they live on the property. They slept just outside our window and we got to play with the puppies. The host also made us a wonderful breakfast in the morning where we got to eat with other travellers staying there.

The next morning we drove to Shediac (6.5 hr) to spend 5 minutes taking photos with a giant lobster.


Next was Hopewell Rocks (1hr).


If you go during low tides (pictured above), you can walk on the ocean floor. Bay of Fundy has the world’s highest tides, so during high tide, you can rent kayaks to paddle around the rocks. You can find the times for high and low tide on the website.

We then drove to the Tidal Bore Rafting Resort (2h45m) where we were staying the night.


We arrived at 11pm, which is a shame because the facilities were so amazing. I wish we could have spent several days here. Super clean, safe, fire pit, bbq.

The next day, we went out tidal rafting on the resort. While I couldn’t bring a phone (and you wouldn’t want to anyway) here’s a video of what it’s like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IX7NXCH7zJo

  1. When they offer you the spare shoes to wear, take them. You walk into the water with them, so you don’t want your shoes to be soaking wet and take 2 days to dry (like I did).
  2. When they say the entire boat fills with water… it does. At some points, the water level was up to my chest.
  3. The water, while it looks like chocolate milk, tastes like sea water.

Next, we drove to Halifax (1hr).


We stopped at the Halifax Seaport Farmers Market for the best lobster roll I had all trip from Gold Water. $17 for lobster roll and chips (or salad). FULL of fresh lobster in a buttery roll. UGH. So good.

Took a day trip out to Peggy’s cove (45m one way).



Picturesque, can’t even take a bad picture here. So serene. Lots of tourists but still tranquil. At least it was for us. The drive up to the lighthouse has such an alien terrain.

For dinner, we had donairs at King of Donair and Tony’s Donair and Pizza. Can’t leave Halifax without having them. They’re like spiced doner kabobs with a sweet garlic sauce. I prefer King of Donair, but Tony’s has a crispier pita. Both are good, KoD sells meat and sauce so that you can take home and recreate (which I did). Kept everything on ice until we made it back to Toronto.


We stayed the night in Halifax, but before we left, we went to The Canteen for a Crobster Roll (Crab and Lobster) in Dartmouth. It was full and buttery and had lots of dill. Pricy (I think it was $22 after tax and tip for just the sandwich). Not worth the price but good nonetheless.

If you’re going between Halifax and Dartmouth, pay the $1 to cross the toll bridge and save yourself 30 minutes of going around.

The next few days called for rain, so we decided to get a jump on it, and hiked the Skyline Trail (5hr) on Cape Breton island before the rain.


I would consider the trail pretty easy. Well paved with loose gravel, wide, mostly flat, and the payoff of the wide Atlantic is pretty fantastic.

We stayed the night in Sydney with family (2h30m).


My cousin took us to Black Spoon Bistro in North Sydney because I asked her to take us for the best seafood chowder and gosh darnit this was the best seafood chowder I’d ever had. Very reasonable prices. I need a place like this back home.

Apparently the Lobster Pound nearby also has amazing seafood chowder (recommended by locals).

The next day, we headed back to the Cabot Trail (1h45m).


We hiked the Franey Trail. This trail was DIFFICULT. I was huffing and puffing. Steep staircase climbs. We didn’t do the loop, just to out to the lookout and back and it was still 8km. The views were fantastic with well appreciated wind at the second lookout. The pictures don’t do it justice here.


We stayed the night at an “equipped camping” site offered by Parks Canada at Ingonish Beach. For $70, they provide all the equipment you require – tent, cooking equipment, firepit, utensils, etc. You just need to provide your sleeping accoutrements and food. We forgot to bring a pillow (big mistake) and sleeping on the thin sleeping pads kind of sucked. An air mattress would be better.

For $100, you can get an otentik , which was bigger (more cabin-y), sturdier, seems more comfortable, sleeps six, and actually has mattresses and a door. I would recommend that.

The next day, it was time to head home. We stopped by Lick-a-chick for lunch after going to Cabot’s Landing (just a quick monument)

20180629_124724 copy

With a name like this, we had to go in. The fries were nostalgic, the chicken was reminiscent of KFC but less salty. BUT the chicken was so soft.

That was the end of the trip and it was time to go home. We took one last small hike to see some waterfalls at Victoria Park (4h).


Short and sweet hike (1.8km round trip) that was nice for us to stretch our legs. An easy hike, paved, and had lots of families.

We stayed the night in Fredericton (4h) and ate at St. Mary’s Fish and Chips. $13 for 3 pieces of fish, an upgraded side (deep fried pickles) and coleslaw. The man behind the counter was SO nice, and the fish was meaty, well battered, delicious. I wouldn’t travel far for it, but if you’re in Fredericton, I would definitely recommend.

The next morning, we went to see another giant attraction – the World’s Largest Axe in Nackawic (45m) which was on our way home.


Set in a beautiful park and very big.

I then dropped my friend off in Montreal (8h) and then just drove the rest of the way home to Toronto (6h).

If you have any questions, please reach out.

St. Jacob’s Market, St. Jacob, Ontario


It was a most beautiful day for my first trip to St. Jacob’s Market. It made for a nice break from our Belly Monster rampage, in which we hit up 9 different food destinations in 12 hours.


St. Jacob’s Market is Canada’s largest year round Farmer’s Market. In reality, it’s like a farmer’s market, food market, and flea market, all rolled into one beautiful package. interior

There was an outdoor farmer’s market AND an indoor one, where all of the butchers were.fritters

We came to walk around, and many were telling us that we MUST try the apple fritters, and try we did. We purchased half a dozen fritters, as well as this fritter special — two apple fritters, vanilla ice cream, and caramel sauce. Soft, sweet, creamy, hot, and cold, all rolled into one most magnificent package.

popcornSt. Jacob’s, Ontario is probably the cutest quaint little town you’ve ever seen. Its countrysides are farmed by a population of Old Order Mennonites, and on the way out of the market, we even saw a horse running full-speed on the side of the road, pulling a carriage. It was the greatest thing I’ve ever seen, straight out of a Lurlene McDaniel novel.


A-T-L baby!

Yes! We took a trip down to Atlanta, Georgia and it was ah~mazing. I was going to put everything into one huge long post, but that looked like it was going to become a post way too long for anyone’s attention span, so if you’re looking for food pictures, that will be up in a couple days. So make sure to refresh my page every hour on the hour.

In this post, I recap every tourist-y think we did. We bought a 69$ CityPass that allowed us entrance to 5 of 7 of Atlanta’s tourist attractions.

Numba 1! The entire reason I started planning a trip down to Georgia since last year. The world’s biggest aquarium (though Toronto is saying they are currently building the new world’s biggest aquarium) located downtown Atlanta. I love aquariums. For my 19th birthday, we roadtripped to Quebec City and l’Aquarium du Quebec and I fell in love with the tanks and the fish and the jelly fish and the entire atmosphere of aquarium life. As an aside, I also love zoos, safaris, biodomes, and pet stores. After my first aquarium experience, I just knew that I had to go big or go home, and thus was born this trip to the Georgia Aquarium. Our citypass even allowed us free tickets to the 30-minute dolphin show that showcased dolphin flips, skips, and divers surfing on dolphin noses.

This water tunnel was amazing. The tank itself is a 6.3 million gallon habitat exhibit, wholly earning the title of world’s biggest. This tunnel is 100 feet long and allows you to walk underneath the tank while the fish swim above you. There is this huge whale shark that passes by every so often and reminds me to not get lost in the ocean ever because, damn nature is scary SON. On the left side of the tunnel, there’s a moving sidewalk that moves quite slowly. We did want to go through the tunnel at our own pace so we stayed on the right. However, the place was fully crowded, we were there on a Saturday after all. As much as I would like to say that it was calm and peaceful, it was not the case. It was loud with lots of excited children (myself included) and lots of oohs and aahs, which I fully enjoyed! I could stay in this place forever. I’m going to turn my house into a giant fish tank save for one small tunnel in the basement where I’ll spend all my time eating, sleeping, and watching fish.

The quiet area for watching the same fish is at the picture above where you see all the people standing in front of the rectangular viewing area. There, it was calm and quiet, with places to sit and just watch the aquarium life swim by.

Here’s a video I took while walking through the tunnel, there’s the huge whale shark seen briefly at the beginning, and then a giant fish, and then a super cool sawface shark (which the internet tells me is called a Sawshark. Should have seen that coming.)!

The aquarium building itself was gigantic, with so many different tunnels and areas with different exhibits. We were there for probably about 3 hours (not including the dolphin show) and we didn’t even get to see all the exhibits, missing two of them. Piranhas are damn creepy. They don’t swim. They just kind of stay floating, very stationary in the water, kind of like how a hummingbird hovers in one place. The piranha tank looked like a bunch of plastic fish tied in place. Too eerie!

Sea dragons (top right) are an animal that I didn’t even know existed. They are like mutant sea horses. Or sea horses that made babies with fairies. They swam very majestically.

At the bottom left, there are some giant deep sea crabs (Japanese Spider Crabs) who’s leg span can reach up to 12 ft! That’s almost two Shaquille O’Neals. They’re the largest living anthropod, and can live to 100 years. I LOVE ANIMALS.

And on the bottom right is a penguin. There were a few that were very intent on trying to capture a girl’s shiny necklace and kept chasing her around. They were very difficult to capture with the camera. It is very fitting that they are boyfriend’s favourite animal because they’re both quite awkward on land and easily amused.

Continuing with the animal theme, we also trekked out to the Atlanta Zoo! It is like any other zoo I’ve been too, but I always love seeing the animals. This was the first time I’d ever seen a panda though and they were beyond adorable, just like how the media makes them out to be. Two of them were snoozing awkwardly in the tree branches, and then there was the one that was just sitting on the ground with a bunch of leaves in his face and was just munch-munch-munching away.

Another funny sight were the two bush dogs in their exhibit. There was this pit in the middle of it with some large logs and branches at the bottom, so these two take it upon themselves to open their jaws terrifyingly wide and using very impressive teamwork to get those longs out of the pit! And then throw them back in. And then dragging them back out again. They were too adorable.

The zoo has a train that takes you around the kid’s animals area that had a petting zoo AND kangaroos. What else could you ask for. There’s even a rock-climbing wall, but I didn’t do it because, girl, I had just gotten ma nails did.

The World of Coca Cola was so much fun! Although the whole thing felt a little propaganda-y, I had fun anyway, because I grew up preferring Coke over Pepsi and I fully accept our Coke overlords when they rise to power. They have a lot of Coke memorabilia a really fun 4D movie. They then played this really cool video that made me enjoy being brainwashed.

We even found our lovers from Coca Cola’s past!

In addition to these three places we also went to the “Inside CNN” tour which was pretty boring and I would have much preferred to go to the Fernbank Museum of Natural History, but perhaps that can happen next time we get down there because I would love to go back. I loved the city (aside from walking up and down the hills between our hotel and the main downtown area), I love the southern hospitality, everyone’s accents, hell, even the beggars were really nice. And the food. Oh my, stay tuned for the food.

Also, all the pictures above get bigger if you click on them. So click on them if you want a face full of POW WOAH WOAH WOAH.

New York Made Me Famous

So, this is going to be a pretty image-laden post, but bear with me, I only had a partial real day in New York City. By the time we arrived in the city the morning before, we stood in line all day, and immediately after the event, at around 11/12 at night, we went to check into our hotel, because driving all night and standing in the heat all day, and just the excitement of it all, it gets to be pretty tiring.

We stayed at the Belnord Hotel at 209 W 87th, which is really just a few blocks from Central Park. It’s a rather nice area, and it was perfect for what we needed it for. It was just me and my brother, and since it’s illegal to park and sleep in your car, we tried to find a hotel that was reasonably priced as well as being on the island so that we wouldn’t have to travel too far for our tourist day.

The place was gorgeous inside, very posh and swanky. When you walk into the lobby, it’s hard to imagine that it was only 89$ a night. It came up to 101$ after tax, and split between the two of us, it was really only 50$ each, as I’m sure you can do that math. Although, the more expensive part was parking. We parked at an underground place on the next street for about 16 hours and it ran us about 43$ in all, with a few dollars here and there for tips. Now, there’s a reason that this place is so cheap, for its location and whatnot.

This place was tiny and borderline claustrophobic. The pictures don’t really do it much justice. The hallway was wide enough to probably fit two of me in shoulder-to-shoulder, and the two of me’s would be touching the walls at both sides. An obese person would not be able to walk through here without grazing both sides of the wall. The bed was literally a foot away from each wall.

That being said, it was still very very nice inside. For the price, I was expecting motel-standards, but I felt so posh in here. It was exactly what we were looking for, I mean, we were just passing out there for 10 hours, and then off to see the city anyway. We weren’t going to spend copious amounts of time lounging in there. That, and free wi-fi, which is nice. I racked up quite a hefty phone bill due to my addiction to technology, social networking, and staying connected. Always had to tweet, me, and I paid for it. But I digress, it was nice to bunker down for a night and not have to pay with my first born. I was expecting having to pull our 2-300$ to stay a night. Thank goodness for the internet.

We checked out of the hotel at around 10AM to go about doing tourist-y things. For breakfast, we stopped off at Hot and Crusty, a bagel-y cafe-y place on Broadway and W 88th, and we had this chicken fajita panini. It was deliciously crispy and the fries, oh my, the fries. I’m not a fan of fries, but these ones were so golden and crispy on the outside, yet potato-y on the inside. Hot, warm, delicious. I think this ran us about 4$, which was amazing. I had always assumed New York to be so supremely expensive but this was not the case at all.

So, the only reason my brother came to New York City with me was to go shopping. We cabbed down from our hotel to go to Times Square and do some shopping. I wouldn’t say it was overwhelming, or crazy, or anything, but it was exactly what I expected it would be from what I see in pictures and movies and all that world-wide media stuff. It was loud, garish, and crowded.

We also walked over to do a little shopping on 5th Ave, I know, typical tourist stuff. I had the unfortunate displeasure of allowing myself to be dragged into the Abercrombie & Fitch store, which I can tell you is like that episode of the Magic School Bus, where Mrs. Frizzle shrinks everyone to go into one of the boys’ bodies while he’s sick to help fight the infection. Except instead of going into a sick boy’s body, we walked into the embodiment of the world’s biggest douchebag. Unss-unss-unss-unss. The music was loud and aggravating, and the moderately good-looking people working there, dressed top to bottom in A&F stomped around the floor in an attempt to stay in beat with the music. No, really, there was this tall blonde girl standing in the corner, saying hi to people coming in, and awkwardly moving herself to the beat. Worst job ever. On top of that, I already had a sore coughy throat, and the heavy scent in the air only aggravated it. Honestly, why would your store need that much douche-musk in the air? It doesn’t drive the girlies wild, boys. That, coupled with the fact that there was absolutely no ventilation in the store probably makes for a huge safety and security risk. I mean, imagine if there was just one spark of a flame, it would catch on all the gasses in the air and BOOM. The whole place would go up in flames, not that it’s necessarily a bad thing. There’s still the online store for all your A&F shopping needs.


It was rainy, which brought the whole thing down to a less surrealistic level.

Im soo good-looking that the New Yorkers simply HAD to have my face on a billboard. I brought my brother along in my fame lest he feel excluded.

A teeny tiny cop car.

These are simply the best nuts that Ive ever had the pleasure of putting in my mouth.

A deliciously spicy chicken gyro that my brother got. Had a slight hint of curry powder in it. Very yummy. Me, on the other hand, made the disastrous decision of getting a knish, trying to be all adventurous and ordering something that I didnt recognize. Grosss. It was like a giant perogie, that should have been delicious, but it tasted all stale and rotten. Blargh. Maybe someone will someday change my mind on them by making a good one, but that was a misadventure that cost me 3$.

Whats this? An indoor ferris wheel???

And of course, the Canadian thing to do was to visit Tim Hortons while in the States. No one makes green tea quite like Timmy hos.

Not in Times Square, but still a cool storefront.

Walked past people of all shapes and sizes. ALL shapes and sizes.

I was surprised by the architecture in New York, especially in the residential districts. So fancy fancy. It had a Victorian-Neogothic feel to it, with the intricate moldings and large windows. So I went creep-mode and took pictures of peoples’ homes. If you saw me through your window, I apologize.

Like a scene straight outta Friends or Seinfeld.

So, after touring around New York City, shopping, till about 3 o’clock, we cabbed our way back to the hotel and drove our asses home. Farewell NYC, I will miss your White Castle, however crappy it was, I’ll still crave it. :(


I Had An Appointment with the Doctor

Oh yes, this is what I did this past Tuesday. It was a hell of a drive. We left around 11:30 from Toronto, and arrived at roughly 9:30 the next morning in New York. My brother drove for a few hours, but I drove the rest, up until the wee hours of the morning. It was intense, I don’t know how I managed to do it. At probably around 5 in the morning, there was a crumpled up deer carcass in the road and I only saw it at the last second. I ran over that shit like there was no tomorrow, and the bones crunched beneath my tires. I squealed a small, “Omgomgomgomg” but none of my passengers woke up. When my tiredness threatened to make me fall asleep at the wheel, I thought about what I would do during the summer that would keep me up all night. TV shows. So, I popped in some Scrubs and watched some episodes to pass a few hours.

Anyway, we arrive at East Village Cinemas on 2nd and 10th, and promptly stood in line. However, right when we got there, we’d heard that Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, and Arthur Darvill were there a mere 10 minutes earlier, handing out donuts to people in line. If my brother hadn’t missed our exit, we’d have been there right on time. Waahhh.

However, we met a lot of interesting people in line and had a big bunch of fun. Obvious Doctor Who talk, shootin’ the shit, lots of Starbucks runs, some exploration of the surrounding areas. Most of it, though, was standing/sitting/sleeping in line, sweating in the sun (it was 20+ degrees!) , and watching all the Amy Ponds walk  by. I have lots of pictures, but I’ll save them for the end.

So, we stood in the line for about 7 hours before finding out if we were actually going to be able to get into the theatre at all. There were originally going to be two theatres. The first one with the live Q&A session, and the second theatre would see it via a live feed. I heard some strange rumours, some saying that there were 250 people in the first theatre and 250 in the second theatre and others saying there was 400 in the first theatre and 150 in the second.

Well, when it came around to it, there were 3 theaters and we ranged anywhere from 350th to 450th in line. Lots of people were coming around and counting the line. The line that stretched all the way around the block, mind you. 3 hours later, at 7pm, we were let into the theatres and received a free Doctor Who hat. A Doctor Who hat that I will treasure forever. I’m going to pretend that Matt Smith breathed onto all of them personally. I’m not creepy, no.

We get into the theatre and the air was electric with anticipation. We watch the first two episodes of series 6 of Doctor Who and I think it was the greatest thing I’ve ever seen. Luckily, everyone was respectful and the cheering was kept short, stopping abruptly whenever a character began to speak. Now, I’m not going to give you any spoilers, but these first two episodes are the biggest mindfucks I’ve ever seen. So many new questions are raised, instead of answering any old ones, which is great. This is also the scariest Doctor Who episode I’ve ever seen. Scarier than both Blink and Midnight. The cast is amazing, and Steven Moffat is an absolute God. There were gasps abound, lots of shockers, lots of anticipation. The whole thing kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time. I can’t even express in words how far the premiere rocked my socks off, but I’m sure they’ve probably ended up in the UK by now.

Now, not only were the episodes great, but we watched the season trailer, showing flashes of what’s to come. I’m not sure if that’s available yet, but I’m pretty sure I gasped all of the air in that room and then my lungs exploded and then my heart exploded, and then I died, and then regenerated. Metaphorically speaking, of course. I cannot wait for the new season. Y’all are going to get blown out of your seats. We’re all going to scream. It’s going to be great fun. Honestly speaking, it looks like it’s going to be the best season yet!! I can’t wait to watch those episodes again, they were so good. It’s so difficult to write without saying anything, but that’s what it’s got to be like.

Some general notes that I’m sure you all know. They’re splitting Series 6 into 2 parts. The first 6 episodes airing starting April 23, and then stopping for the summer, to return in the fall. Steven Moffat loves to make us cringe and cry and have our jaws drop to the floor. During the Q&A, he was so ridiculously gleeful as he talked about the huge, incredible cliffhanger that he’s going to leave us dangling on come the end of the 6th episode. This is going to be insane.


Amazing scarf that she knit herself!

Trying to shield ourselves from the sun.

As I was taking photos of New York architecture, in true Doctor fashion, this man comes running through my frame. I swear, this shot was not set up. As Chameleon Circuit put it quite beautifully, "Weve got galaxies and planets and moons and an awful lot of running to do."

Oh yeah, and I guess I forgot to mention. After the screening and the Q&A, we were ushered out of the theatre to the street. A few minutes later, two black cars pulled up in front of the theatre, and well, this was the best I could do.

Doctor Who forever.


Now, I always hear about these crazy things happening in Toronto, and I decided to say, “Fuck it.” I don’t need a partner to go to these things with me. I always found it more liberating to do the things I want to do without dragging an unwilling victim with me. Not to say I’m glad that I didn’t, but it’s nice not to have to worry about whether the other person will resenting me for being gay.

I digress. Giant. Pillow. Fight. It was a public event that I found out on Facebook, where anyone and everyone is invited to go come to Yonge-Dundas Square at 8pm on April 2, 2011, bring your own pillow, and unleash your fury at the next bystander unawares.

Not only is it a lot of fun, it was for a good cause, kind of. The event said that there were going to be trucks coming around and collecting the pillows from the fight to give to the homeless and needy. I didn’t see any, but I did see piles of pillows on the side with volunteers collecting from the other people.

Guy in a red spandex suit. Blonde pig-tailed girl in pink pyjamas. Asian dude with a big camera and striking a weird pose. Aahh, Toronto.

There were all sorts of people there. Mostly teenagers and young adults ready to get their freak on. At one point, I heard the unmistakeable fury of a battle cry. I look over to my left and there was this lanky boy, being carried on the back of his friend, with his fist thrusted into the air, clamped around a pillow.


The whole thing was quite a sight to see. Yes, that's a giant fish.


As many people that were there to fight, there were many people, or just passers-by, who stopped to watch the spectacle. There were also photographers, with their external flashes, and ring flashes, and fancy rigs. Observing the observers. I’m so meta. Hahahha.

Here follows some footage of the fight. It’s as if you were actually there!!!

As well as the throngs of people lashing out at each other with padded sleeping aids, there was a percussive group called the Samba Elégua. They were loud, they were energetic, they were foot-stompingly amazing. They’re music permeated the entire square, and you can hear the beats from blocks away. The crowd that formed around them pumped with the music and you couldn’t help but smile. It felt like you were just part of one organism, throbbing, and moving, and living.

I’m not even high.

It’s amazing feeling like you’re one part of something greater. Living life in the midst of others. Everything you see, has been seen, is being seen, by someone else, in a different perspective and in a different context.

Either we’re alone in the universe, or there’s life out there, somewhere. Either way, it’s the biggest thing for our heads to be wrapped around. Alone in the universe. Think about it. In this gigantic universe, further than our technologies allow us to see. We are not a speck in the universe, our planet is not a speck in the universe, our GALAXY is a tiny speck of sand in the universe. We are so insignificant, but can we really be the only ones here?

And then if you look at the other end of the spectrum. What if there’s life somewhere out there? Either they’re out there, way more advanced than we are. What kind of technology would they have? Are they yet exploring space? How do they do it? What do they look like? Or maybe they’re as primitive as we are. Another level 5 planet on the other side of the universe, with a species just starting out and looking up at the stars, wondering if life exists outside of their planet. ALIENS. They are as alien to us as we are to them. We are aliens.

Anyway, that’s just something I’ve been thinking about lately. Doctor Who helps stave off some of that curiosity, even if it is just fiction. Speaking of Doctor Who, the season premiere for the Series 6 is on April 23rd. However, next Monday, April 11, they’re doing a prescreening for the series in New York City, followed by a Q&A session with the cast and writer. Aka Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Arthur Darvill, and Steven Moffat are going to be in the same building.

So, excuse me while I take a short road trip to New York.


That’s right folks, yours truly will be in the same room as the Doctor. AHHHH!!!!

I will touch him. (Let’s hope they don’t read this before I get a chance to do it or else I’ll come off as reaaaally creepy. HA!)

It’s going to be great. I’ve never been to New York before so this will be an adventure and a half!!! I will of course blog about it. And hopefully have a picture with the cast. As well as have them sign my copy of Series 5, that my loving SO bought for me. BAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA. I am so excited.