I Want To Be Close To You

Is that creepy? I hope so because creepy is what I do.

I just wanted to update a little sumthin sumthin cause I know y’all miss me, and I for damn sure miss y’all too. I’ve been away for so long that wordpress has updated it’s UI and it scares me. What do all these buttons do??

I’ve come here today to share with you some cool videos I found and to promise that there will be updates soon, since I’ve got nothing else going on in my life. I’ve even got a few lined up already! I’m no longer working crazy hours, but that also means I’m not making as much money, which my spending habits (aka my eating habits) have had to adapt. ANYWAY. Enough woe and despair.

I’ve been really feeling these kinds of videos where the audio effects are human videos! I saw some a few weeks ago, and I thought they were just the cutest thing. Of course, going back I couldn’t find the ones I watched, but here are a couple that I enjoyed anyway. :)



And of course, Who’s Line. I was watching a string of Who’s Line clips a few years back at 3am when this scene just clinched it and sent me tumbling from my chair onto the floor with tears streaming down my face. In a good way, of course.

And Who’s Line, once you get in, you can’t get out. While looking for the above clip, I found another one of a game of Sound Effects that had my parents get up from their room to check if I was okay. I write this with my face in my pillow drenched with tears.

And another. Don’t click the video to get to the youtube page to see the suggested videos. You’ll never get out.