I Had An Appointment with the Doctor

Oh yes, this is what I did this past Tuesday. It was a hell of a drive. We left around 11:30 from Toronto, and arrived at roughly 9:30 the next morning in New York. My brother drove for a few hours, but I drove the rest, up until the wee hours of the morning. It was intense, I don’t know how I managed to do it. At probably around 5 in the morning, there was a crumpled up deer carcass in the road and I only saw it at the last second. I ran over that shit like there was no tomorrow, and the bones crunched beneath my tires. I squealed a small, “Omgomgomgomg” but none of my passengers woke up. When my tiredness threatened to make me fall asleep at the wheel, I thought about what I would do during the summer that would keep me up all night. TV shows. So, I popped in some Scrubs and watched some episodes to pass a few hours.

Anyway, we arrive at East Village Cinemas on 2nd and 10th, and promptly stood in line. However, right when we got there, we’d heard that Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, and Arthur Darvill were there a mere 10 minutes earlier, handing out donuts to people in line. If my brother hadn’t missed our exit, we’d have been there right on time. Waahhh.

However, we met a lot of interesting people in line and had a big bunch of fun. Obvious Doctor Who talk, shootin’ the shit, lots of Starbucks runs, some exploration of the surrounding areas. Most of it, though, was standing/sitting/sleeping in line, sweating in the sun (it was 20+ degrees!) , and watching all the Amy Ponds walk ┬áby. I have lots of pictures, but I’ll save them for the end.

So, we stood in the line for about 7 hours before finding out if we were actually going to be able to get into the theatre at all. There were originally going to be two theatres. The first one with the live Q&A session, and the second theatre would see it via a live feed. I heard some strange rumours, some saying that there were 250 people in the first theatre and 250 in the second theatre and others saying there was 400 in the first theatre and 150 in the second.

Well, when it came around to it, there were 3 theaters and we ranged anywhere from 350th to 450th in line. Lots of people were coming around and counting the line. The line that stretched all the way around the block, mind you. 3 hours later, at 7pm, we were let into the theatres and received a free Doctor Who hat. A Doctor Who hat that I will treasure forever. I’m going to pretend that Matt Smith breathed onto all of them personally. I’m not creepy, no.

We get into the theatre and the air was electric with anticipation. We watch the first two episodes of series 6 of Doctor Who and I think it was the greatest thing I’ve ever seen. Luckily, everyone was respectful and the cheering was kept short, stopping abruptly whenever a character began to speak. Now, I’m not going to give you any spoilers, but these first two episodes are the biggest mindfucks I’ve ever seen. So many new questions are raised, instead of answering any old ones, which is great. This is also the scariest Doctor Who episode I’ve ever seen. Scarier than both Blink and Midnight. The cast is amazing, and Steven Moffat is an absolute God. There were gasps abound, lots of shockers, lots of anticipation. The whole thing kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time. I can’t even express in words how far the premiere rocked my socks off, but I’m sure they’ve probably ended up in the UK by now.

Now, not only were the episodes great, but we watched the season trailer, showing flashes of what’s to come. I’m not sure if that’s available yet, but I’m pretty sure I gasped all of the air in that room and then my lungs exploded and then my heart exploded, and then I died, and then regenerated. Metaphorically speaking, of course. I cannot wait for the new season. Y’all are going to get blown out of your seats. We’re all going to scream. It’s going to be great fun. Honestly speaking, it looks like it’s going to be the best season yet!! I can’t wait to watch those episodes again, they were so good. It’s so difficult to write without saying anything, but that’s what it’s got to be like.

Some general notes that I’m sure you all know. They’re splitting Series 6 into 2 parts. The first 6 episodes airing starting April 23, and then stopping for the summer, to return in the fall. Steven Moffat loves to make us cringe and cry and have our jaws drop to the floor. During the Q&A, he was so ridiculously gleeful as he talked about the huge, incredible cliffhanger that he’s going to leave us dangling on come the end of the 6th episode. This is going to be insane.


Amazing scarf that she knit herself!

Trying to shield ourselves from the sun.

As I was taking photos of New York architecture, in true Doctor fashion, this man comes running through my frame. I swear, this shot was not set up. As Chameleon Circuit put it quite beautifully, "Weve got galaxies and planets and moons and an awful lot of running to do."

Oh yeah, and I guess I forgot to mention. After the screening and the Q&A, we were ushered out of the theatre to the street. A few minutes later, two black cars pulled up in front of the theatre, and well, this was the best I could do.

Doctor Who forever.