The Old(e) Spaghetti Factory

Don’t worry, Montreal, I am taking this place by storm. Sampling some delicious thangs. One place I went to was the Old Spaghetti Factory, on Esplanade and Church. It’s so fawncy. The interior is large, mostly wooden, and stained glass everywhere. It’s like being in a really cozy church, without all the churchiness.

Never underestimate the power of freshly made butter. This was so soft, so flavourful, the butter just explodes in your mouth. The left is fresh churned butter and the right is fresh churned garlic butter. Garlic butter you say? Garlic butter. Oh yes, I’m in heaven. They serve this with a nice crispy french baguette. Working at a bakery has done wonders for my bread vocabulary.

Some nice and chunky clam chowder. The way it’s supposed to be made. It’s like I drank all of the sea in one bite. Long John Silver’s lost booty is in me.

Look at how beautifully ornate their plates are! This is just a regular spicy beef marinara sauce. Perfectly seasoned.

This is their most famous pasta, and you either love it or you hate it. Brown butter and cheese pasta. If you’re not afraid of clogging your arteries and butter and cheese sounds appealing to you, this is it. This is not just your plain butter and cheese. It’s actually got a pleasantly nutty flavour to it, but really, warning, before you order this dish, it is dripping in butter. I really liked it, but the one who ordered it, ahem ahem, didn’t enjoy it that much after a few bites. If you aren’t picky and like to try new things, I would, without a doubt, recommend that you try it this.

We ended it with some nice Spumoni ice cream, which I had never heard of before coming here, but I recently saw some at the supermarket. It is a vanilla, chocolate, and pistachio flavoured ice cream. The hot Italian cousin of Neapolitan ice cream.

All in all, we both agreed that the Old Spaghetti Factory had a great atmosphere, and half of us enjoyed the food immensely. Even for lunch portions, I was pretty full by the end of it.