Diet Round-Up

And by diet I don’t mean an “I’m-gonna-lose-weight” diet, though I probably should. It’s more like a “this-is-what-I-shove-down-my-guzzle” diet. How long can I go without blogging about food? Not very, evidently.

So, without further ado, what’s cooking over at my apartment??

For one entire weekend, I had these wonderfully thin and crispy crepes thanks to Mr. Alton Brown. I had them with (pictured above) nutella and (fake) maple syrup, I had them with ice cream, I had them with cream soup. I ate them all weekend long. Don’t worry, there was more than one batch. And there were more than one crepe on that plate (they’re hiding underneath. They don’t know that I know they’re there.)


Maple bacon. Yum. Breakfast sausages. Yum. Scrambled eggs with green onions. Yum. (Cooked in bacon fat) Hello! Taco home fries.

I figured out how to make home fries. Well, not so much figured out as much as used common sense and logic.

  • Step 1: Cube potatoes.
  • Step 2: Boil potatoes a bit.
  • Step 3: Drain potatoes.
  • Step 4: Fry potatoes.
  • Step 5: Pour taco seasoning on potatoes. (Optional)
  • Step 6: Continue to fry potatoes.
  • Step 7: Eat potatoes.

I think I included more steps than is actually necessary.

A creamy primavera (which means spring vegetables) risotto (which means risotto) courtesy of Ree Drummond. That woman is my idol. This was pretty good, but next time, I’ll cook the veggies a little longer, and forgo the goat cheese. I don’t particularly like cheese, and I really don’t like goat cheese. I actually get a lot of recipes from her site, The Pioneer Woman. I like her. Her photos are great, they give a step-by-step and show how things are supposed to look as you’re cooking it. She’s funny. She’s unapologetic. She’s adorable. Her food looks delicious. However, on the butter scale, where 1 is lactose intolerant and 10 is Paula Deen, she’s probably an 8, but I think that just goes along with living on a ranch and cooking for a cowboy.

Wow I kind of want her life. Just for a second, though.

Risotto always reminds me of the lovely David Tennant and it makes me very very happy. Skip to 2:55 if you don’t want to watch the whole thing, but you should, because it’s very funny.

A split yellow-bean and cane sugar soup/che/dessert/thing that my mother told me to make this for my stuffy nose. Now, I don’t know how it works, or if it works, or if correlation equals causation, but all I know is that after I ate this soup, my horrible stuffy nose was gone in under 36 hours. Juss sayin’.

All it is is boiling some yellow bean things that I got at the asian supermarket. The beans are yellow on the inside, with a green shell on the outside. After the beans boiled up and absorbed all the water (20-30 minutes), I stirred in two big ass sticks of cane sugar. They’re brownish and come in blocks. It’s super sweet, super yummy, but I only like drinking the water (which has bean nutrients and a shit ton of sugar). You see, it’s all very scientific.

I’m lying.


It’s Vietnamese voodoo.

Another Ree Drummond recipe. This cauliflower soup is TO DIE FOR. It is so good. So good that I made it twice in two weeks. The second time, I made 3+ litres of the stuff.

I kind of got sick of cauliflower after that… but really, it’s amazing. :) Unless you have some sort of deathly allergy to the ingredients, you NEED to eat this soup.

So after the cauliflower soup fiasco, I had so much broccoli leftover. Well, I had about half a head of broccoli leftover, but for one person, that’s a lot! No matter what I tried, I couldn’t get rid of it all and I didn’t want to just toss it in the trash. So, as a last ditch effort, I just chopped it all up with no plan.

I pulled out some other stuff that I needed to get rid of and got to work. Threw the broccoli in with some butter, got some onions in there, cooked it all up until the broccoli went soft a bit. Got my eggs together, whisked it up with milk, leftover goat cheese and green onions and a tiny bit of paprika and ground pepper. I poured the egg mixture into the broccoli mixture and made some sort of fake frittata/omelette/scrambled egg concoction.

Not bad.

Momma made home-made burgers! I followed this recipe, as it was my first time making burgers at home, ever. However, I only used about a third – half the salt that she used. Way too much! But my burgers turned out super juicy and super amazing. I also made the patties a lot bigger than she said (which is 2 pounds of ground chuck divided into 8 patties).

Doesn’t it look great? It tasted great too. I put a ton of garlic into those patties. Come take me now, Edward. MWAHAHHAHHAHAHHA.

More soup! Potato-bacon soup! I got one of those dime-a-dozen recipes. Doubled the onions. I love onions. It was really simple. Dice up the bacon and onions. Cook. On the side, boil some cubed potatoes. Drain. Add potatoes to bacon and onions. Then pour cream of chicken soup into the bacon-onion mixture. Pour in some milk and some water. Pour in some heavy cream if you’re feeling frisky. Heat to serving temperature.

Manger. Mange et soyez heureux. <3

Stood Up By Nature

When I heard that we were going to be able to see the Aurora Borealis in Toronto, I took it as my chance to finally get out of my house, out of my room. I was cooped up in the house for what felt like days on end; in all likelihood, it was probably just one or two. I’d never seen the northern lights before, and I figured this was my opportunity. The said the last time we were able to see them this far south was almost 11 years ago. At around 9 o’clock, Mixa and I packed up some photography gear, food, blankets, and sweaters into my car and we drove an hour and a half up north to Barrie to get away from the light pollution of the GTA.

It was fun to just be able to pick up and go, albeit a bit of a glare of disdain from my aunt. We got on our way and pumped our road trip song in the car, deemed thusly when we went on our first road trip to Quebec City. I had inputted “Barrie” as our destination into the GPS, but didn’t have an address to follow. All I knew is that I wanted to get to the water and sit on the beach, waiting for the spectacular light show. We ended up on the westernmost shore of Lake Simcoe and staked out a picnic table. It was only about 10:30 when we arrived, so we set ourselves up, had a nice chat with the patrolling security guard, and had fun with our cameras while waiting for the northern lights to show up.

The night dragged on; pretty soon the crescent moon began to rise and the wildlife came up on shore with no fear of being disturbed by humans.

We sat..

Watched the moon..

Observed fighting ducks..

Encroached on geese territory...

And did everything but see what we came to see, the northern lights. We even saw a couple of shooting stars, but alas, it just wasn’t meant to be. There were a few false alarms because both of us had never seen the lights in person before. Streaky clouds, strange discolourations of the sky, someone on twitter even mistook some sort of lightning (apparently) for the northern lights. We camped out there till four in the morning and decided to head home, keeping our eyes glued to the rearview for a hope of some magic lights in the sky. Even if we didn’t get a chance to witness the Aurora Borealis, we did end up having quite a bit of fun at the lake. The water was still, it was quiet, and a kind of peace that you don’t really get surrounded by houses. I’m not going paint a false portrait and say this place was completely deserted, there were plenty of buildings around, but this is what I like about the night time, there just aren’t that many people around.

The night after, the lights were supposed to show up again for sure, but having come in at 5 in the morning the night before, I just couldn’t bring myself to ask to go out again. I guess I’ll set myself up to wait another 11 years.

Barrie, ON