So.. I went shopping.

I haven’t been for a long time due to financial issues (read: unemployed) and it was fun, until my feet hurt. 4.5 hours at at the mall, I guess makes up for my absence the past month or so. My friend needed a dress for an upcoming wedding, in Montreal coincidentally, and while looking for dresses and shoes, I fully realized that if I were to win the lottery, my closet would be way too full. But I think that’s a good thing.

I don't understand fashion sometimes...

When I win the lottery, I think the first thing I would do is give myself 5-10 thousand dollars and go shopping. I’d bye shoes and dresses, and cute tops, and skirts, and all that fun stuff. I think I’d then have to buy a new house with a closet big enough for all of that. Many times during long car rides, my brother and I start planning out what we’d plan to do if we win the lottery. I don’t think I would go all out glamourous. I wouldn’t buy a mansion (maybe just a convenient condo), I wouldn’t buy a big fancy car, no ferraris thank you. I’d continue doing what I do in the field that I love (hypothetical future), and just have no worries about money and being able to buy a picture frame without comparing for a few dollars, or picking up a game that I want. Buuut that’s all in the future, you know, when I win the lottery.

In the meantime, here’s a slideshow of my present life: trying things on and knowing I can’t buy them.

Look! A pretty dress I can't afford. :D

Also starring: shoes.

These weren't my deal, but I tried them on for a friend in love with unicorns.

Wow, looking at all the shoe pictures in a row made me realize that, that day at least, I think shoes with bows on them are fucking cute. You guys can donate to my shoe fund if you’d like. I didn’t buy anything shown above, but I did buy this sweet shirt dress for 15$.

This is not a cameraphone photo, this is photo booth. -_-