Yes, I have been a little MIA. It’s just that when I think about sitting down and having to deal with the daunting task of writing a blog. I don’t know why but it always takes me hours to fully get my thoughts down. So, long story short, I’m not dead. Long story a bit longer, I’ve been going to school and coming home and eating, and not really doing much of anything.

Well, okay, that’s a bit of a lie. I’ve gone to plenty of restaurants, and been trying out new things. So, I will try and try to get this shit posted. Kick my ass, tie me down, I’m going to do this. Getting my ass in gear. I’ve been too slacky lately.

Alors, what have I been doing these past couple of months in Toronto with few new friends? Homework, food, parties, and ordering shit online. I love buying things online. Sometimes I’ll go on binges and buy so many things. It’s the part where I receive them in the mail that really gets me off.

So here, a more or less a list of things I’ve bought recently.

1. USB Hub

So, my laptop only has two USB ports and lately, I’ve found myself having to use more than that. It’s very inconvenient. So I bought this little guy, because he’s cute, and he was inexpensive, but mostly because he’s cute. His little heart even lights up when you plug shit into him. :D

2. Doctor Who : Season Four Specials

They were on sale on Amazon for only 20$! It was a steal, so how could I not buy it. It’s all I’m missing (of the series revival) until the fifth season comes out on DVD (November!). Plus it has shiny David Tennant on the cover. Win!

3. Robots in Disguise

I love this shirt. It was a one-day-only design on Teefury.com and it was only 9$! 12$ with shipping. It is so incredibly nerdy but so incredibly amazing. It fits me real well, and I can wear my Doctor Who pride out in public. The material its made out of feels real nice too. 3-level of nerdiness, I’m not lame, no.

4. iPhone Cases

From the Apple Case program. I love free things. And then some other cases. Why I need more than one case, I don’t know.

5. iPhone case stickers + screen guard

Found for real cheap on the interwebs. Okay, so it isn’t mine, but it still looks pretty rad. This one was for my brother.