Hey, hey, hey. You guys remember that place? Fusia Dog? I thought one post per restaurant was sufficient. Apparently, it wasn’t. I introduce you to the one and only. The magnificent. The beautiful representation of two cultures fusing together to make something magical. Unforgettable.

Daniel Henney

Wait. No. I meant to say this:

The Fusia Dog

Yes, that’s what I meant. But I guess you can say that the fusia dog is the food representation of Daniel Henney. Or that DH is somehow the personification of the fusia dog. They’re both gorgeous, should be sought after, full bursting with promise of a good life, and I would assume, taste awesome. Woah. That got a little more than PG 13 there. I apologize.

Okay, so the fusia dog. Menu description as follows:

Beef or chicken dog, kim chi, daikon carrot salad, wasabi mayo, and coriander, wrapped in a paratha $6.95

Now, I don’t know what a paratha is, but I can only assume it means floured wrap made from the liquid of the Gods. I got the beef dog on break from my class, brought it into class, then promptly got up and went to eat it in the common area. It smelled too good and I didn’t want my classmates, who I would have to see the following week, to see me smearing this wondrous concoction all over my face. I knew I would be shovelling fistfuls of fallen daikon into my already full mouth, aioli streaming down my arms, trying to inhale it through my nose. I thought I’d save myself the¬†embarrassment. So I did it in the student common area.

It was amazing. So warm, the wasabi cleared my nose and yet it wasn’t painful. The dog was juicy, the flavours meshing surprisingly well together. Who’da thunk ¬† that a hot dog with asian toppings would be amazing? But then again, after all the hype surrounding Japadog, I should have known.

So, if you ever find yourself in the downtown area, do yourself a favour and get to Queen and Duncan, enter the cute little Fusia Dog shop (or their Food Truck if you can find its location), and get yourself the Fusia Dog. You will not regret it.

Here’s a bonus picture of Daniel: