Now, I always knew that North Vietnam was the Commie (offensive?) side of Vietnam. Way back when, Vietnam became a colony of the French, which is why a lot of Vietnamese words do take root in French words. It’s like a bunch of fobs butchered the French language and out came Vietnamese. HA! From what I know, Vietnamese was very closely related with Chinese, but the French came in and our language evolved. Very loosely.

Communism came about when the Vietnamese decided to overthrow the French colonization, and after years of struggle, the Vietnam war came about. The American’s are all up in it because they came in, allied with the French during the war, which is what all those war movies are about, ie Full Metal Jacket and Apocalypse Now.

Anyway, Ho Chi Minh, which all Viet people call by Uncle or Uncle Ho, was the leader of the Communist party in Vietnam that overthrew French Rule. Now, I knew all this background, but I never really thought about how prevalent it is in a communist society, and going back to Vietnam, I can’t believe I’d never seen it before. Back in the day, before any of my family had immigrated to Canada, my grandfather owned a small bus business, where he started off owning half a bus, and eventually came to own two busses. They were rather well off (more so than people in the villages, ie my mother), but when communism came about, my grandfather, basically lost everything and went from being the big boss to just a regular mechanic, in his own company! I think the government took the business away from him, or something.

Last time I was in Vietnam, I was only 13 or so, so I wouldn’t have noticed everything. But here’s a collection of photos of communism posters that I find really aesthetically and historically intriguing. Culture shock, for real.