The Grind

It’s a little frustrating that my sketchbook is about a quarter inch too large to properly fit in the bed of my scanner.

I haven’t drawn in so very long, but I started some loose gestures during a lecture. Ahh, it’s like I’m five years old again.

I had so much to say, but now that I’ve sat down in front the computer and try to say something of interest nothing comes. I’ve been trying to keep my head above water, and so far, about a month in, I’ve survived so far, only a third of the year left to go. So, what’s going on?

I started school. Only four classes this semester, so about 12 hours a week. Two of them are studio courses while the other two are just lecture courses. For two classes, I have the same prof. A wonderful designer, a great thinker, a design genius, but a wack human being. It’s like she doesn’t understand how to interact with other people. Ma’am, no one is going take anything useful from your class if you’re treating all the students like dogs. Jumping about, screaming, making us seem like bumbling idiots when you are so unaware no one can actually read your mind. Asking vague questions and expecting us to know the answer.

“What are the formats that designers work in?”

Okay, that question can go anywhere, can you be a little clearer? What do you mean? Media? Mindset?  Philosophy? How would you answer it? I was leaning towards something along the line of web, print, etc.

However, since no one knows the answer she’s looking for, no one says anything. So instead of giving us more information, she’s stomping her feet, screaming in a foreign language, clapping her hands like an overgrown seal.

Answer: “Portrait, landscape, square.”

The class is basically screaming and degrading and an “I-know-everything-you’re-all-idiots” kind of attitude. But, I’ve learned to just roll my eyes at the tantrums and try to absorb the information that she does throw out. Like I said, I really admire her brain, experiences, knowledge, and design.

The prof says that for each 3 hour class, there’s 6 hours of homework. For the studio courses, completely true, but the lecture courses are a bit less than that, except when exam time rolls around.

The biggest chunk of my life right now, however, is working. Judy, what are you doing holding down a job while going to school. Correction, two jobs. I surprised myself, expecting to just work 15 hours a week during the school year, but then everything kind of loaded itself on.

I’m now working two jobs, and after adding up my hours (after working Friday-Tuesday), I nearly shat myself. I worked 41 hours this week. WTF. And it’s not like I could quit either job. I just started one job, and the other one just gave me a really big raise. So, for now, my schedule is work Friday-Tuesday, and school Wednesday, Thursday. I am hoping that I don’t burn out anytime soon. Other than that, life’s been good. I’m enjoying myself. I wish I had more time to read, to write, to draw, but such is life. Only 9 weeks left?

Such is life. I should probably cut down on my internet, but really, do we expect me to do that. Haha. Some weeks yes, but it’s hard if it’s all work and no looking at stupid pictures of cats. Social things come up sometimes and that takes from sleep and internet time, but that’s worth it. As for commute, it’s only about half an hour a day, so it’s not too bad. Thank goodness it’s no longer 3 hours a day, can you imagine how much time I’d be wasting?

Streamline, streamline, streamline.


One thought on “The Grind

  1. 1. Never get behind what you are not passionate about, for when insurmountable
    odds arrive; they will be so! However with passion for a goal or ambition,
    there are no obstacles…all is mind!

    2. God, is the non-judgemental co-painter of reality,
    once you say IAM or I WANT, You are
    and YOU DO, Take responsibility for your
    words, for they create action, which creates
    form…all is mind!

    3. A Man in Want, remains in Want,
    A Man who Believes He Has All,
    Remains in Action!

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