Am I Interesting Yet?

Oh, hi there internet. Fancy meeting you here. Summer’s passed by in a blur and yet I feel like I’ve done nothing at all. You know, without writing and all, I wasn’t sure if  I even existed anymore.

To say the four months of summer passed quickly would be somewhat of an understatement. True, I barely remember what it’s like to be in school although I would like to, it just seems like I can hardly recall most events that passed. We went through the Taste of Little Italy way back when, where I’m sure there was more Greek food than Italian, but I’m not complaining. There were the visits from friends and family from further than the Hammer. That first mini-vacation to Niagara Falls where I won a lot of money, and then that second one where I lost a bunch. Somewhere in between, it was a kaleidoscope of food, sleep, movies, and alcohol. Though, I’m quite sure there wasn’t enough alcohol to keep so much of my memory at bay.

This summer, I actually held a job. A job that had me working for more than 12 hours a week. This was new for me. I made some money, but now that I’m on my own, that money went away so quickly. And that’s not even due to partying. Responsibilities. This year, I took on a bunch of them, and thankfully, I’m not completely drowning. Yet.

I’m in the last stretch before school starts. In just one week, it’s back to that grand ol’ place where our minds get molded and pushed and prodded and ever so gently stretched out, hopefully absorbing some useful information on the way. I just got back from a week at a resort in Riviera Maya, Mexico. It was a much-needed vacation. Me, living the kind of life that I wished I could live but never could. Sleep. Food. Drinks. Pool. Sleep. Maid service. Unlimited food.

Also, I met a monkey.

But now I’m back. What have I accomplished this summer?

  • furnished my apartment
  • took in my puppy
  • made money
  • spent money
  • read 3 books *
  • tried new restaurants
  • stuck around some old ones
  • joined Foursquare
  • watched countless movies (Crazy Stupid Love, anyone? Brilliant.)
  • went abroad, briefly
  • fought and made up
  • made a few friends
  • slowly rediscovered the meaning of family

It was my new friend’s birthday recently, so I decided to make him a good ol’ fashioned mixed tape about friendship. Because I’m gay. And also because I wanted to tentatively stretch my fingers, which hadn’t so much as touched Illustrator for 4 months too long. So I made a snarky little CD booklet for him.

The tracklist consisted of a few songs that I felt fit the theme, would hope to describe our friendship, but also songs that, at one point or another, I listened to on repeat. You can listen to that mixed CD here, on Grooveshark.

And then I found out what kind of music he really listens to, which happened to be my kind of music too. So I made a bit of a Friendship Playlist Version 2.0. I’m trying really hard here. Haha. This time, though, it was a bit harder finding songs that fit the theme, so some of them are a bit of a stretch, but some are still a bit relative to the inauguration of a new friendship. This, I spent a little less time on, so you can listen to it on shuffle, but the songs are still close to my heart.

Well, I wouldn’t say I was trying too hard, but I was just having a spot of fun.

Now, September comes rolling around. I just got hired at a new job and hopefully will be able to survive juggling two jobs, school, and some semblance of a social life.  Here’s to a new start. Here’s to survival.


  • The Way of Zen” by Alan Wilson Watts
  • This is a Book” by Demetri Martin
  • The Help” by Kathryn Stockett

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