Worst. Realisation. Ever.

I albsolutely have to get this rant written down though, and hopefully this post will get the ball rolling (I have a ton of other stuff to blog about queued up in my mind to write up).

Today was one of the most unfortunate days I’ve had in a while.

1) I was cutting bell peppers at work today. I cut one in half, and then reached in to pull out the seeds and stem, when my hand touches some soft gunk. It doesn’t feel at all like the seeds and stem are supposed to. I look inside, and BAM. DIRT. AND A WORM-MAGGOT-WRIGGLY-DEMON-FROM-HELL.

I let out a girlish shriek, threw it into back into the box and whimpered like a puppy in a thunderstorm. I got over it rather quickly though and quickly cut up the rest of the peppers, albeit very paranoid-ly.

2) I went on to cut up tomatoes when one of those demons decide to do me in. The paring knife goes straight through the tomato, and I stab myself in the palm. About quarter of an inch of the tip of the knife sticks me. Blood everywhere.

Now, my family has a history of very low blood pressure, so we don’t do pain very well. The body’s normal reflex to sudden pangs of pain is to lower our blood pressure, but since ours is already pretty low, it causes us to pass out if we don’t sit down. (I swear, I’ve confirmed this with several doctors.)

3) I dropped $200+tax on a futon.

This in and of itself doesn’t suck too bad, but that much money in one shot kind of adds to the shittiness of the day.

4) CLOGGED TOILET. Goddang. Come home and the toilet clogged itself. Last time, I dropped $300 getting that shit fixed, I am NOT about to do it again.

EXCEPT, I can’t, for the life of me, unclog it. I’ve been at it for the whole day. -_- So frustrating.

5) And to conclude the worst day ever:

I was doing my nails when my dog absolutely had to go pee.

So I put on my tank and skirt really carefully cause I figured a skirt would be easiest to put on.

Walk out, spent 15 minutes trying to get him to do his business etc.

And the park was FULL, as in at least 4 dogs. With people. And they all talked to me (the ONE time a group of dog owners talk to me).

Then I walk to the other side of the park and only then did I realise the back of my skirt was tucked into my underwear!!!!


So I run upstairs. And fought with my keys and bag and stuff.

Nails are ruined.

And as I walked into the apartment, I realise, I STILL HAVE THE BAG OF POOP IN MY HAND.

I can never show my face in that dog park again.

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