Toy Organization

Ah, yes, look at my stuffed animals. Aren’t they great? Aren’t they grand? All of them, except for Kumagoro (the bunny) and Eeyore (my travelling buddy), were amassed within the last year. Gifts, well, prizes on dates we’ve been on to the arcade. The biggest one was when he tried to sway me into being his girlfriend. I guess it worked, but YMMV.

Only problem with them is that they render half my desk completely useless. Whatever shall I do? A quick trip to Canadian Tire solved the problem quite quickly. Might I mention here that the term ‘quick’ is only relative, and since I’m not at all a handy person, it took me more than an hour and a half to do. 20 minutes were spent debating if the table would hold my weight.

What’s in my arsenal? A replacement hockey net measuring 60 inches by 44 inches (left), golden hooks with a little gate and tiny screws at one end (top middle), anchors for the tiny screws (bottom middle), and a ruler. I only used 2 out of 4 items. Turns out you need a drill to use the anchors, so I quickly tossed those aside. As for the ruler, my arms got tired, so I eyeballed it.

What in the world are we going to do with that, you ask? Little hooks and a hockey net? You don’t even play hockey!

You’re right, I don’t, but bear with me. See, you screw the hooks into the wall! Grand, amazing, it’s great. I ended up using 5 of them.

And then I hung the net on them. (This is your cue.)



Here, you see the placement of 4 of the hooks.

The teddy bears go inside the pants. Er.. net. I used the fifth hook on the left to create an entrapping flap so that the toys don’t fall forward.

As you can see, the hook at the top right seems to have moved! Yes, this is due to the fact that I didn’t use anchors. Therefore, the screw came loose and pulled itself out! Daring bastard.

Now I have room on my desk to do things like this:

Mixa’s been begging me for that painting for years! I finally did it.

Ooh, also at Canadian Tire, I found these cute little hooks that you just push into your drywall. I use them to hang my necklaces on now.

Can you believe, 4 of them for only 2-3$! It’s great.

Anyway, that’s episode one of fixing up the place. Futon should be coming in within the next few weeks, hopefully, and then I’ll actually have furniture. And then maybe, just maybe, you’ll get full pictures of the whole place. Just maybe.

One thought on “Toy Organization

  1. Hahahaha I used the exact same net solution in my room. I’ve had it for years. It’s held with push pins and mesh above the side of my bed.
    Great minds think alike!

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