Hello, Adulthood.

So, I promised some of you photos of my new place, and I do realize it’s a little belated but here it is. It looks very much an old lady’s place, because, well, it is. There’s this Vietnamese woman who’s gone to Vietnam for a few months and is allowing me to stay at her 1 bedroom apartment while she’s gone for a minimal fee. This place is great, it has everything, it’s close to everything, it’s just in a bit of a sketchy neighbourhood, but it’s not mine. I’ve made do with it for now, made myself at home, but this place is just temporary. I’m waiting on a phone call from a new place that I applied for, hopefully I’ll get that place, and it’ll be the first place that I can call my own. My own mailbox. My own shoe rack. Tentative moving out date: April 1/15. Latest, May 1.

Once I moved downtown, I got myself one of those old-fashioned paying jobs that I haven’t had in a long time. It’s so nice to have a cash flow again, and with my student loans in, I feel like my life is in order. I’ve budgeted the money I have now, and it should last me for the next 6 months, and this doesn’t even include my forthcoming student loans or money from work, so I should be set. In the next few weeks, when school is finished, I’ll likely look for a second job to put away for the next school year.

That woman stares at me while I sleep. It's a little unsettling.

Tiger-eyed family stares at me from the other side. At least there's a nice TV that I've put to good use. Doctor Who, all day e'eryday.

A tiny kitchen where all the culinary magic happens. The fridge was so unimaginably dirty, I don't understand how the woman could have lived like that. First thing I did was disassemble the inside and clean that shit out.

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