Why I Miss Vietnam

AWWWW HELL YEAH. Top to bottom (ish), vermicelli noodles, sweet rice, shrimp, calamari, beef?, spring rolls, chicken.

It’s the post that y’all been waiting for. Yes, the food episode! There are many pictures and meals and deliciousness here, so I’m going to break them down into categories for you. I’m drooling as I write all this. :) I’m tempted to write “soooo delicious” in every single one of the captions, but that would get repetitive and boring, so take my word for it, unless otherwise specified, it was delicious. There are a bunch of other foods, but here’s a selection of them.


I don’t have a picture of Nuoc Mia (Sugarcane juice) because I only had it once or twice, it was nearly out of season, but that shit is bombtastic.

Sinh To Bo and Chanh Leo - Avocado Shake and Passion Fruit (with crushed ice), respectively. Avocado shake is basically avocado, ice, sugar, and condensed milk. You can get it at most Vietnamese places in Canada. The passion fruit with crushed ice is damn godly. I love crushed ice. I love chewing on it. Then there's condense milk. Or coconut milk. Probably condensed milk. And then passion fruit stuff at the bottom and you mix it all together and then you die and go to heaven, cause life is over after that. It's that good. :) This was my addiction during those three weeks.

Che - More condensed milk and crushed ice. With everything under the sun underneath. Coconut flesh, yellow beans, jelly, some other stuff that I've no clue what it is. Just general goodness. 8000 dong a cup. Or 35 cents.


Thit Bo Kho - Spicy beef jerky. Can't find anything like this over here. Shredded beef jerky with chili peppers and with lemon over top. Drooling. :(

Jackfruit - Vietnam has so many great fruits to offer but this is my absolute favourite, even if it is available in Canada. Very sweet and has a nice texture.

Fried shrimp. Soak it in. NOMNOMNOMNOMNOM

Fried potato and fried banana things. Crispy and delicious on the outside. Yummy and soft and yummy on the inside. My momma wouldn't let me eat this too often though (or too many at a time) because it's just deep fried in old oil on the street. Still, it as delicious. I'd still eat it.

FRESH. BREAD. SO WARM. SO HHHHNNNNNNGNGGG. Vietnamese bread is actually evolved from French baguettes (due to that whole colonizationg thing) but it has become very distinct and like.. delicious.

Oh yeah. Fried squid. Fresh out of the water. We usually eat it dry with hot sauce. But hot and crispy with hot sauce is pretty damn bomb too.

CHOCO PIE. Like Jos Louis. But cheap. But it will do when you're craving fake food.

Calamari. 'Nuff said.


Pho - I'm pretty sure this is known as THE Vietnamese dish. Pho Pho Pho Pho. So delicious. My brother and cousin dissed it because it doesn't taste like Canadian Pho. Fuck that shit. It's so much better. Not that different, but definitely so delicious. At $1.30 CDN a bowl, really, can you complain? Though, it's a bit more impressive when you say $30,000. Or, 30,000 dongs. Yeah yeah, LAUGH. But I'll have the last laugh because you ain't never had pho like this.

Mien Kho Dac Biet - Dry glass noodles mixed with vegetables, shrimp, pork, chicken, and beef.

Mi Bo Sot Vang - Ramen noodles in a thick beef broth. It was a really sticky sauce that had the texture of snot, but don't let that deter you because it's damn delicious. It had a nice salty flavour that complimented the beef and noodles. This is the only place in all of Hai Phong (and maybe even Vietnam) that makes this stuff correctly. It's hidden in a tiny alley by my grandmother's house, and you have to enter through the kitchen to walk up to a second level.

Crab for hot pot. Look at all that orange stuff. So yummy.

Bun Reu Cua - Vermicelli noodles in a crab and egg stew. My favourite home-cooked meal. My mom makes this amazingly. So yummy. Slight tang, and the shrimp meat gives substance. Paired with small noodles? Nothing better.

Shanghai-style Chow Mein noodles. Not as delicious as in Canada (as I've never actually been to Shanghai). I was craving something familiar, but Vietnamese people should stick to Vietnamese cooking.

A fish salad with bits of sour fish, some vegetables, mint, peanuts (ADRIENNE, LOOK AWAY!), and some fish sauce (nuoc mam), among other things because I don't know how to make it. I only know how to inhale it.

Another version of the fish salad, except this one has jelly fish instead, and what looks like tiny bits of beef jerky? YUM A LUM MMMMM.

Bun Ga Long Lon - Vermicelli noodles in a light onion broth with chicken and pork blood with some sliced raw (green and white) onion.

Beef salad/stir fry thing - Beef cooked with onions and celery on a bed of fresh greens and tomatoes, topped with a healthy portion of cilantro.

Bird Stew - As it says. AHHAHA. I didn't eat this, because I'm a little squeamish, but it smelled good. It's like Trung Vit Lon (or Balut or developed/fertilized chicken/duck eggs ), I can eat them well, and they're delicious, but I just can't look at them first. This is just another version of an onion/beef broth soup.

Boiled chicken. Simple, but delicious. Meant to be eaten with this sauce: Salty soup mix with ginger, garlic, chili peppers, lemongrass, and juice of a lemon. LEMONGRASS IS MY CATNIP. I love this dipping sauce. Both salty and sour and chicken tastes so good in it.

Clams. Or oysters. Or mussels. Or something. Whatever they were, they were delicious. And I'm the kind of person that never liked oyster/clam/mussel-things.

Soup with mushrooms, onions, and shredded chicken.

Chicken wings. I'm glad this delicacy is universal.

Bo Nuong - Grilled beef. Cooked in butter. With onions and stuff. Pretty standard. Not exclusive to Vietnam.

Mien Xao - Glass noodle fried salad - Omg. Omg. Omg. This is soooo good. Fried onions. That black stuff that is everywhere in Viet cuisine that I don't now what it is, some mushrooms, small bits of pork. MMM. FFUUUU I want this now.

Soi - Sweet Rice - Probably sweetened with coconut milk.

Bun Cha Ca - Vermicelli with fish sausage and some sort of sour vegetable. The tomato-based broth is pleasantly sour and flavoured with a bit of dill. Had this for breakfast 2 or 3 times. It was right across the street from my house in the city.

Rice noodles with pork and beef sausage and some sort of sauce/soup/thing/thatisreallygood/yum. Fried onions on top.

Squid. MMM. Home made and fresh. Tender.

With dog meat. (I didn't eat any this time though)

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