Who is awake at this ungodly hour?

It is now nearly seven in the morning on a Saturday, which means everyone in my social network is asleep. Except me, of course. Having gotten home about an hour ago, trawling the Internet and working on some work for a client, I’m about to head to bed but not without having some thoughts that I want to share with someone out there but no one is awake or interested enough to listen. So I figure, this is my blog, it ain’t sending SMS’s out to anyone to disturb them, and I haven’t updated it in a while anyway, so is this killing two birds with one stone?

I’m damn tired, but after a fun but gruelling night, my feet hurt, my legs hurt, and my brain hurts. I don’t know what I was trying to say with that sentence and as time drags on, all those things that I so needed to say earlier are slowly slipping from my mental grasp, aka my memory has gone to shit. Oops. WordPress doesn’t automatically capitalise the first word in a sentence for me, bullshit!

So, since feeling like I tweet too much (which I probably do), I’ll probably just put these tiny mini thoughts here for y’all to read, optionally.

• I finally whipped my hair back and forth tonight. Only took three (four?) trips to the club to do it.

• It is officially 7am.

• Sometimes I get angry before I sit back and look at the situation objectively. And when I do, I’m torn between my initial gut reaction and the logical one. I usually just end up feeling what I feel and then telling myself I shouldn’t feel that way.

• Fffuuuu somebody hire me.

• Lol HP7

• Goodnight (good morning?) world. I’m going to sleep forever now…


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