Damn, is it already November?

Apparently it is, and it’s been starting to snow all over Canada, starting in Calgary and just these past two days, in both Montreal and Toronto. I hate winter, I really do. Or rather, I just hate being cold. It’s not fun times. Anyway, November brings about two month-long events, one of which I’ve decided to participate in, finally.

NaNoWriMo – National Novel Writing Month

Introduced to me by Claire, it is a challenge set forth to celebrate literacy and the joy of writing. In one month (November 1–30), writers from all over the world try to write 50 000 words of a novel. No prizes or anything, but I want to do it to get back in touch with my literary side. I feel like I haven’t picked up a book to read or even to write anything substantial (aside from essays) since high school. I used to be the biggest word nerd, which is why I enjoy blogging so much. It allows me to get my thoughts down in text and there’s so much freedom in it. NaNoWriMo pushes us past the beginning wall just thinking about how much of a daunting task it is and urges us to just put words to paper and enjoy the simple act of writing for the sake of writing. So after a few years of wanting to get around to do it, I’ve decided to participate this year.

I’ve approached this task with a very devil-may-care attitude, as I approach many things in my life. I’m going to just start and go and write without a plan and without an outline. What, it started as a sci-fi and ended up as a feel-good coming of age story? Oh well. It’ll be like peering into my very erratic train of thought.

Movember – Prostate Cancer Awareness

For those who are well-endowed in the facial hair department, Movember is for you. Mushing together Moustache and November, men (and women if you’re able and willing) grow out their moustaches to create awareness for prostate cancer, so it’s kind of like wearing your pink ribbon for breast cancer. None of this bra colour or where you put your purse facebook status bullshit.

Now, obviously I can’t participate in this challenge, but my dear friend MC bought me a souvenir from her trip that fits beautifully with this theme. So, here it is to get you motivated and spread the word. Thank you MC, it is beautiful and I will cherish it forever.

I am so attractive.

Frère 'stache

Papa 'stache

Mama 'stache

Puppy 'stache


One thought on “Damn, is it already November?

  1. Moustache time, Moustache time, Moustache time

    Where you at, Where you at, Where you at, Where you at

    Moustache time with a baseball bat

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